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Thursday, May 12, 2011

The shrinking Harddisk prices

Hi all you tech-lovers! The price of harddisks keeps going down. The prices are lower than about two years ago, while the capacity keeps increasing and some producers have started making colorful and attractive devices.

To me this is a sure sign that the competing technology, solid state memory (same as in USB memory sticks), is about to win the battle of storage technologies. Another sign of this is the fact that Apple's MacBook Air has only solid state memory. Its storage capacity is much smaller than most laptops, but still sufficient for most buyers. These Macs can get additional storage simply by connecting a USB harddisk, when needed.

The harddisks will lose, and I'm sure proponents of both technologies have made diagrams showing when the technology switch will happen. In the meantime we can enjoy ever more storage at ever lower prices. In one of the electronics stores close to my place, I can get a 2000 GB drive for 675 SEK, which is about 100 USD. 675 SEK / 2000 GB = 0,33 SEK / GB = 0,05$ / GB. That's really cheap. Of course I'll have to pay more should I want a colorful one.

I'm going to buy a harddisk this afternoon. Maybe two.

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