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Friday, May 6, 2011

Spring or Not Spring?

Hi all App fans! You may have read the April 27th post, the one about spring in Skåne. Spring optimism must have hit me on that day, because I was totally wrong. I turned the central heating off and went to the driving range. 
It's been incredibly cold here for about a week with sub-zero (sub 32F) night temperatures and day temperatures of about 5 degrees C. Turned the central heating on again, and it toiled like it was mid-winter. But finally it's getting warmer outside.
Possibly due to cold temperatures, the morning paper didn't arrive yesterday. However that doesn't bother a lucky iPad owner like me. A free online subscription is included in the paper subscription, so no problem there. Great device, I keep saying it. 
I've noticed that I do certain web-activities almost exclusively on the iPad or iPod touch, as opposed to doing them on the MacBook.

  • iPad only: handle Google Docs, use Google Reader, read morning paper
  • iPod touch or iPad: mail, browse the App Store, check weather/stocks/calendar, morning paper feed, Proctele games, Facebook, Twitter
  • MacBook: work, mail, Facebook, Twitter
Of course the above is not complete. 

I have not made any conscious decisions about device use. The way I use them is only decided by convenience. A good app on a certain device can definitely drive use towards it, but it's a good app in combination with good and suitable hardware that makes a really good user experience.

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